The type of perverts you’ll see around you

That guy staring at your cleavage, that friend who’s always going one dirty joke to0 far or that boss who can’t stop calling you into his office and chat you up all day long.

We’re in a world full of perverts. Believe it or not, not all of them are men. I have plenty lady friends who blatantly ogle or lay their hands on men. Here are a few types you should be wary of.


The blatant ogler

The shameless bunch. Women have to deal with this type every second of their lives. These are the guys telling you to smile as you’re walking on the street or snapping pictures of you while you’re walking by. They’re the type of people who don’t care if you catch them sneaking a peek. Instead, they’ll even throw in a smirk when you do.

The pack of wolves

This cluster is related to the category above, these guys not only stare and talk shit, they even ask others to join in. They peep, stare and ogle in groups and then “exchange notes”.

The closet perv

The guys you’d least suspect. They don’t communicate with you directly, but in their mind you’re already naked. They just happen to catch those little glimpses that you wish nobody else saw.

The DM despo

You know this one all too well. These are the guys who won’t stop pinging you on Facebook, Tinder or any other app you use. Usually with the same message: #SendNudes

The jolly molester

They’re part of your friend circle and are ultimate opportunists. When they talk, all puns are intended and they’re just waiting for a chance to touch any part of you. Full of innuendos, these guys can make anything dirty.

The all hands on deck

God forbid you have to attend a music festival or be anywhere near a crowd. These guys will grope you till the crowd fizzles.

The mentor

Alas, the mentor. Many of the above mentioned, would kill to be in this position. Luckily, very few make it here. The mentor is basically someone in a place of power or authority. It could be your boss or a teacher. Life is unfair.

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