Five things to expect when you’re on holiday in Maldives


It’s only February but chances are you’re already planning a holiday because you need a break from all the bullshit your family and boss is putting you through. Here’s a suggestion: Maldives.

The archipelago frequented by honeymooners an ideal destination if you’re looking to take a break from the world. Don’t be too hard on yourself, we all need to at some point.

Before you pack your bags and grab your passport though, here’s a few things you need to know about the island nation.

Keeping it casual

Once you land at the Male international airport, you will have to take a seaplane journey to your hotel island. While the journey is quite exciting in itself, what caught our attention – and took us by surprise – was the pilot’s dress codes. Theses guys don’t make a fuss. They show up to work and fly their seaplanes in shorts and flip-flops.

Instagram heaven

Stating the obvious here, but this bit took us by surprise. The pictures you take while you’re on holiday is what Instagram celebrities’ wet dreams are made of. The turquoise waters, white beaches and serene landscapes are all exactly like what you see in pictures. There is no photoshop here.

Don’t just go there for your honeymoon

In most cases, each island in the Maldives belongs to a hotel. That means everyone on that island is either part of the staff or a guest at the resort. Now, this is a very romantic setting, but that’s not all Maldives is about. Each island comes with its own house reef and a slew of water sports activities. The one we went to even had its own tennis court and football (soccer) pitch. Forget what people tell you about Maldives, it’s so much more than just another romantic getaway.

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Take it easy

Since each island is usually hotel property, you can see the whole island in about 45 minutes to an hour. This makes Maldives not very traveller friendly for those of you who love to walk around and explore places. Maldives is a lot like Goa in that respect. All you’re expected to do is sip on a cocktail and go for a swim.

All that seafood needs to go somewhere

Again, building on the whole one hotel one island principle, each resort provides its guests with cycles. Since you can go around the whole island in a couple of minutes, they expect you to walk or cycle around. Of course, they have buggies but try not to be that lazy all the time.

Bonus: Don’t drink too much

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