5 reasons you should visit Prague in the winter

Winters in Prague are bone chilling. Temperatures can range from -4-degrees Celsius to a maximum of 2-degree Celsius. Throw in a biting wind to those temperatures and you’ll be forgiven to think that it’s best to leave your Prague holiday for the summer.

Here are five reasons you should stack up on your winter wear and walk around the gothic spires and turrets of landlocked Czech Republic during the winter.


Less tourists

27.8 million tourists visited the Czech capital in 2015. That’s an eight per cent increase from the previous year. I haven’t heard of the statistics from last year, but one can safely assume the head count was higher than 2015. I was there for the winter, and although there were quite a bit of tourists, I was assured that it didn’t come close to the numbers that flock to the city in the summer.

Winter wonderland

Winter suits and enhances Prague’s charming, incandescent gothic scenery. The snowy streets and frosty windows feed that old world romance you read about in novels set in Eastern Europe. You’ll see yourself falling in love even if you don’t consider yourself a romantic.

The food

By default, Czech food is winter food. Their goulash, soups dumplings and a variety of pork dishes is everything meat lovers dream of. Let’s just say there’s a reason Prague is called “the land vegetables forgot”.

No bachelor parties

Prague is a bit of a hot spot for stag and hen dos. It’s a shot in the dark but I assume the cheap booze and the thriving sex nightlife – which is way better than what Bangkok offers – has a lot to do with that bit. Of course, no one wants to strut around in their “Czech Me Out” tees in the middle of winter, which means you have a far less boisterous holiday.


Accommodation is cheap

It’s off-season. Most of the hotels aren’t expecting a lot of business and drop their rates. Less money spent on stays means more money left for food and booze. That is always a win.

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